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Inverter Welding Machine MMA
MMA-200K newly added VRD technology to effectively prevent leakage and cause harm to the human body...
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IGBT 220V MMA ARC Welding Machine
The product uses imported IGBTs and fast recovery diodes as the main electrical components. The PCB motherboard has a professional design team and has worked tirelessly for countless days and nights. In addition, precise current regulation and constant current are designed to ensure arc stability and good weldability. Perfect dynamic protection ensures safe and reliable use. Equipped with all the necessary accessories included in this kit for easy operation....
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IGBT 220V MMA ARC Welding Machine
Advanced IGBT inverter technology, nanometer crystal transformer, stable and reliable. Integral 1-PCB structure, extremely compact and portable with light weight. Over heating protection, over current protection, anti-fluctuation of power voltage. High duty cycle, high efficiency, low consumption, power saving, ideal DIY welder, Hot starting, arc force, Anti-sticking, easy arcing, smooth welding and perfect welding results. Supplied complete with electrode holder, earth clamp and strong carton box....
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IGBT 220V MMA ARC Welding Machine
Adopt advanced IGBT inverter control technology,with high duty cycle and efficiency. Small size,light weight,high quality construction and energy-saving. Use PWM control technology and constant current output control,welding current can be exactly controlled. Easy arc-starting,with auto protection functions of over-current and over heat....
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MMA Welding Machine IGBT Inverter DC
1. ​Inverter welder machine: Small volume, light-weight, energy saving;
2. Portability: for high mobility environment, aerial, field work and interior finishing etc;
3. Digital MCU control: stable metal transfer, fine welding apprearance;
4. Peak value current mode control: reliable power device....
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IGBT ARC MMA Welding Machines
1. Smoothly runs a wide range of rods from 1.6-4.0mm.
2. Stable arc DC inverter IGBT technology, High duty cycle.
3. Portable design with carrying strap.
4. Resistant to voltage fluctuation, stable welding current....
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Inverter MOSFET MMA Welding Machine
1. IGBT inverter technology, stable welding.
2. High inverter frequency, energy saving.
3. Can run continuously for a long time, the performance is stable, with the voltage fluctuation automatic compensation function....
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ARC MMA Welder Inverter Welding Machine
1. Adopt with advanced MOSFETand IGBT inverter technology m energy saving. Environment friendly and compact, portable.
2. Current can be adjusted stepless, high efficiency.
3. Anti static, thermostatic....
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